My motto:
Colorful and crazy

The creation of my works is indescribable. I just start. Sometimes I have an idea and try to implement it. In the end, the beginning is forgotten and something new arises. I am an amateur and discovered my passion for painting in the summer of 2019.


The world is gray and sad, so I bring bright colors into my life.

Art does not have to be studied.

Those who enjoy painting will create the most beautiful works of art.


How do they say?!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I paint with one eye  :-)

Judith Jeschke


Passionate artist

Colorful and crazy

Parents' greatest pain is having a child with cancer. The children of FUoKK are close to my heart, so I would like to donate the profit from the pictures I have sold to the association.


Thank you very much for supporting me in my mission.




Association for the support of oncological

Department of the Children's Hospital Karlsruhe e. V.